Maltese for Foreigners

altThis Maltese/English book series entitled Maltese for Foreigners, which is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), consists of three levels.

Level A1 (Beginners–Elementary) includes three books: My First 750 Words in Maltese, Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context 1 and Speaking Maltese 1. These three books are perfect for beginners.
Level A2 (Elementary–Pre-Intermediate) includes the books More Words in Maltese, Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context 2 and Speaking Maltese 2. These three books are perfect for pre-intermediate learners.
Level B1 (Intermediate) includes Further Words & Expressions in Maltese, Speaking Maltese 2, two bilingual readers: Reality and Rocco Learns Karate and three books specifically designed to teach Medical Maltese named: Medical Maltese Words & Phrases, Speaking Medical Maltese 1, Speaking Medical Maltese 2. Next year, Saliba will publish Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context 3 to complete this level.
Saliba has also produced a CD (updated in 2016) containing the audio files linked to the books so learners can listen to native Maltese speakers reading the text and acting out the dialogues. In addition, Saliba has also devised a syllabus for each level based on the CEFR, which can be downloaded for free from his website under the heading Maltese for Foreigners.
The bilingual series, featuring the latest developments in Maltese orthography, is aimed at beginners who want to learn Maltese and advance to the intermediate level. The series is suitable for use by individuals, by groups or in a school setting.
Saliba obtained his PhD from the University of Sheffield (UK), where he specialised in teaching Maltese as a foreign language and was sponsored by the Malta Government Scholarship Scheme Grant. For more information about each book, please visit



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