Instructions to shop from our website


1To return to our homepage from anywhere within the site, click the Shop menu item or our logo at the very top.

2You may browse our categories from the list on the left. You can expand certain categories by clicking the expand icon next to the category listing.

3To add an item to the cart, simply click the ADD TO CART button once. The website will display a drop down showing your cart contents for a few seconds as shown below. To view more details about an item, click on the image or name of the item.


4To view the contents of your cart, simply click the Cart button .

5To edit your shopping cart or start checking out, click the Show Cart button in the drop down displayed.


6You can edit quantities in your cart by updating the quantity field provided and clicking the update icon  for each line edited. Likewise, you can delete an item by clicking the delete button .

7If you have a copoun code, enter it in the space provided amd click the Submit button. The page will refresh and the discount will be applied. You need to be logged in to apply your copoun code otherwise this field will not be available.
 Simply conitnue your checkout and once you login or register enter your coupon code.

8Once you are satisfied with your cart contents you can start the checkout process by clicking the  button.

9If you are not logged in yet, you will be asked to log in. If you do not have an account yet, simply select New? Please Provide Your Billing Information option and fill in the form presented (see below).

The vat number should be preceded by the two letter country code to validate.

The checkout process has 4 steps:

Step 1 - Shipping Address

10Update your Billing Information if required.

11Update your Shipping Address if required. You may have several shipping addresses on file. We will save them for you to save you re-entering this data. Simply select the shipping address you want is to ship too.

12Once done, click Next

Step 2 - Shipping Methods

13We have several shipping methods available and here we will list the available methods depending on the total weight of the cart and the shipping country selected. Select the desired method.

14Once finished, click Next to continue to step 3.

Step 3 - Payment Method

15Enter your Credit Card details as appropriate.

16Click Next to continue to the last step.

Step 4 - Complete Order

17If you wish to leave any additional instructions/comments with your order , you can do so in this field.

18Tick the checkbox to Agree to our Terms of Service.

19Click the Confirm Order button to send us your order.

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