Studies in Maltese Folklore

Studies in Maltese Folklore

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274 pages
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First Edition 1976
595 gr.

“...there is a treasure trove of source material in these pages (Studies in Maltese Folklore)...The chapter on “Semitic element in Maltese Folklore” will be of interest to Arabists. It is fascinating to find Guha, who is mentioned in the Fihrist of Ibn al-Nadim, reappearing as Gaħan among Maltese folk heroes... As a work of reference, this book may well be found useful, and for this reason alone it merits a welcome.”

“H.T.N.” Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Vol. 40, Pt. 3, 1977

“...For the many historians and social scientists nowadays interested in the Mediterranean this book is vital, as it provides us with information about historical backgrounds of and explanations for many of the colourful customs observed up to now in Malta and some of its neighbouring countries...”

Dr. Adrianus Koster (Free University, Amserdam) The Catholic Historical Review, July 1980

“ appropriate occasion to notice the Society’s distinguished Maltese member’s most comprehensive work (Studies)...Malta and Gozo are but small communities, yet for the perceptive scholar ‘All human life is there’. It is to be hoped that J. Cassar-Pullicino’s ‘Studies’ will attract British scholars into what has been for them a largely neglected field.”

Alan Smith, Honorary Member, Folklore Society (London) Folklore – Journal of the Folklore Society, Vol. 96, 1985 ii

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